What is Pan Pacific Iliad?

With nearly 22 years as an open sandbox in the world of Pacific Rim, Pan Pacific Iliad is an online collective where creators are creating comics and stories inspired by the universe of Pacific Rim, crafting their own unique stories and characters supplemented by existing lore, all while being paid for their labor of fan-love works with an audience that is willing to enjoy and support.  

Contributors have the complete, open-ended ability to create comics, illustrations, or written works based on OCs, fill-in timelines of characters from Pacific Rim’s main films, custom shatterdomes, or tell stories of their own fictional jaegers and kaijus inspired by mere mentions of canon from Pacific Rim’s universe, beginning from the events of K-Day in 2013 or in between the 10 year gap of the end of the Kaiju War and the events of Uprising. With the appeal of worldbuilding as one of the staples of the Pacific Rim universe and fanbase, Pan Pacific Iliad aims to allow fans’ creative visions about this world to flourish, to thrive, and be told, made by fans to share with other fans.

While the feature of this site is whatever main comic is currently happening, we have all sorts of content aspects that can span the creativity of Pacific Rim’s fans. With features like wallpapers that backers on Patreon get first, small writing snippets from Pacific Rim’s universe voted on by our patrons, and possibly multiple pages of the main comic/multiple storylines running at once, it all depends on how much we’re able to make a month! Patrons’ monthly pledges help support and generate more content for the site by paying the contributors behind PPI.

How can I support Pan Pacific Iliad?


Become a Patron!

While Pan Pacific Iliad is free for the public to enjoy, we’re powered by the kindness and generosity of backers on our Patreon. For just a dollar or more a month, you’re not only helping pay the people who are contributing to PPI, but you can also see exclusive content, comic pages before they’re posted, vote on writing prompt polls from our literary contributors, and even gain access to custom monthly commissions or exclusive wallpapers!


I want to contribute content! How can I reach you?

Head on over to the Contact page, OR reach out to panpacificiliad@gmail.com and see what we can cook up! Rates and other submission guidelines will be sent upon inquiry, but we’re always looking for what new content may be on the horizon.

Who the heck runs all this?

Shepherd of the Seattle-based micropress Fortuna Media (TABULA IDEM, Almost Real) and tea, tarot, and typesetting enthusiast, Mia “Hye” Mardikian (explodinghye) had their life changed in a meteor-like impact when Pacific Rim first premiered in 2013. Architect of Pacific Arcana and the forthcoming Pacific Arcana: Tumultus, their greatest joys in life are administration work, graphic design, replying to as many emails as possible in a day, and creating platforms that uplift, showcase, and celebrate artists of diverse backgrounds, talents, and imaginations.